Fashion Campaign Analysis: Chloe FW '18

As a photographer who loves movement, I can fully appreciate the Chloe campaigns. You’re never visually bored with how they’re captured, and the energy continues to be effervescent in their Fall Winter ‘18 campaign.

Chloe’s Creative Director, Natacha Ramsay-Levi, was inspired by 70’s cinema and mentioned Anjelica Huston, Stéphane Audran, and Sissy Spacek as the muses when the collection debuted. Ramsay-Levi has been with the label less than a year and is already making big strides. In her latest collection, she reconstructed everyday clothing such as deep v’s and drop waists too elongate the female form. The fluidity of the garments is the perfect balance of editorial to streetwear.

Steven Meisel photographed and filmed the campaign that took place on a Brooklyn pier. The film opens up with a model riding a bike amidst the New York skyline then closes in on the remaining models amongst colorfully painted slabs of concrete. The muted colors and sleek hair and makeup are mesmerizing and elevate the garments. As the scene progresses you see the models strutting up a ramp and interacting with one another almost as if they’re on the street. Here you see the contrast between the catwalk and everyday life that creates a friendly, neighborhood vibe. This sequence is replayed three times. The use of repetition trains the viewer’s eye where to look and allows them to notice different details each time. The photographs are film stills that continue to emphasize motion. As we can see, Ramsay-Levi’s vision is effectively communicated through Meisel’s work.

Ramsay-Levi has carefully curated a brand that is raw and real. Instead of creating a lifestyle Chloe is shaping a feeling and capturing a moment. This works well with high fashion because it creates longevity. Older and newer generations can always connect with the brand. As the label continues to be shaped by new hands they’ll never lose touch with how they make a woman feel.